Corporate Dropouts

From Employee To Entrepreneur. Meet The Entrepreneurs Who Took The Leap And Soared.

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Corporate Dropouts: From Employee To Entrepreneur.
Meet The Entrepreneurs Who Took The Leap And Soared.

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Project Brief

Corporate Dropouts shares the inspirational stories of men and women who took the traditional route of a corporate career only to realise that the 9-5 wasn’t for them. These courageous leaders threw it all in and embarked on the journey of starting their own business and building a life based on their terms. In these stories, they share the ups, the downs and lots in between on their journey from Corporate Dropout to successful CEO.

This project is for you

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“I gained such clarity in my business and l am excited for what is to come.”

“From a business perspective this process is necessary.”

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“Going through this process is very healing.”

 “I became your client because of the way that you were showing up and your storytelling and just being real.”

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Foreword by

Rhonda Swan

Founder of Women Gone W.I.L.D. & UBA Top Pr &
Branding Firm For Entrepreneurs- Ranked #4 By Forbes

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a fully done-for-you project by a team of professionals. We take care of the cover design, copy editing, formatting, Amazon strategy, marketing materials and so much more.

You will become a best-selling author and be able to add that to your professional biography.

You get access to the global professional network and collaboration opportunities within the Authors Inner Circle. An exclusive community of amazing entrepreneurs from across the globe.

As it is a logistical nightmare for me to divide a $0.99 Kindle sale between 20+ authors, all proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to a charity which we choose together.

No. You do not need to be a professional writer or even write exceptionally well to be a part of this project. You do need to be able to communicate efficiently and to write fairly well. Our editing team and amazing masterclasses will take care of the rest.

Cover design, copy editing, proofreading, formatting, Amazon best-seller strategy, masterclasses, access to network with co-authors, summit, interviews and some secret surprises.

Developmental editing and 1:1 support.

To ensure that the authors who are filling the final spots in the book have adequate time to write I can’t set a hard deadline for the project. Rest assured that I will provide you with a timeline once all spots in the book have sold and I will be communicating with you every step of the way.

You are required to write a 3000 word chapter plus a 150 word bio.

Successful women in business from across the globe have already said yes to this amazing opportunity. Some examples of who we have so far include a life coach, a family therapist and an Ayurvedic professional.

The book is being promoted through the global networks of the authors involved which span the globe. I will also be promoting to my network, organising a summit and showing up regularly to promote in Facebook groups.

Your Guide

Tarryn Reeves

Tarryn Reeves is the CEO and founder of Four Eagles Publishing and The Publishing House Concierge.

She works with high level entrepreneurs to create bestselling books that act as lead magnets that grow their business. Her specialty is creating an amazing reader experience that converts book sales into clients.

She is a USA Today Best-Selling Author and has a global client base. She resides in Australia with her husband and daughter.

When she isn’t creating best-sellers she is scouring the local book shares to add to her collection.

Inspiring Change

Our founder is passionate about making the world a better place.

Tarryn Reeves started her business so that she could inspire change and increase her freedom of choice. When good people earn good money, we do great things with it. We can choose to buy ethically made clothing, to donate to charities, to start our own movements, to buy ethically sourced food, to be a voice and advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. Tarryn hopes to one day open her own world-class anti-poaching unit in Africa. She aligns her life and business with her values and chooses to donate 1% of all business revenue to environmental and social causes.