Grounding and Connecting on Video Meditation

Grounding and connecting before you record.

 Yes the tech stuff is important but so is your energy on film. Your viewers will be able to pick up on your energy even if they are halfway around the world.

I used to be so nervous going on camera and using my voice. I used to go into full scale anxiety! Sweaty palms, racing heart, self-doubt . . . you name it, I had it. One tool I found really useful (other than just  getting on with it and doing it – the more you do it the easier it gets) is doing a short meditation and breathing exercise just before I hit that record button. 

I have created a special meditation just for you, to help you ground into your body, slow your racing heart and mind and become centred in preparation for doing your video. I trust you will find it useful and will eventually find using video in your business and enjoyable process.