Improve Your Output

Improve Your Output

You have a million ideas racing around your head but never actually get around to being centered enough to bring them to life. It’s time to stop and use some tools to help make those ideas a reality and improve your output.

Setting Goals

Writing down your goals and aligning your day-to-day activities to achieving them will help you get a clear view on where you are going and how to get there. Use a notebook or a journal for this process. I like the SELF journal. This journal is broken down into Daily, Weekly and Monthly spaces with areas to outline your goals, your daily targets, a quote (we all love a good quote), lessons, wins and gratitude. Everything you could ever want in a journal!


For all things organisation, you can’t go past Evernote. Evernote will help you to capture your ideas, notes, links, lists, attachments, recording and so much more in the one place. You can share your notebook with others and stay organised no matter where you are.

Capturing Your Thoughts

You could put your thoughts as notes into Evernote or you could use a Post-It note. Write your thoughts, lists, to-dos onto your sticky note and post them onto your wall. Move them around as required and take them down once you are done with that particular one. This is a very visual and effective way to get the thoughts out of your head so that you can start doing something about them.

Plan Your Day

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? This is where you pick a task that you need to do, focus on only doing that particular task for 25 minutes and then you get to take a 5-minute break. You keep repeating this process until the task is done. There is an app to help you do this and it is called the FocusList app. Put your daily list into the app and away you go.

Social Media Posting

Posting to your numerous social media accounts can be SO time consuming and quite frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that! Find an app that you like that will automatically post to all your social media accounts for you. There are lots to choose from. I recommend using the native Facebook scheduler for Facebook, Tweetdeck for Twitter and Tailwind for both Instagram and Pinterest. Buffer is also a great one but can be a little bit on the expensive side.


Don’t have time to read all of those great business books you have on your reading list? Blinklist summarises thousands of bestselling nonfiction books and gives you the key lessons from a book. Learning in 15 minutes or less, yes please!

Email Management 

Your inbox can be like the Bermuda Triangle and unsubscribing from all the ‘junk’ can be time consuming. Enlist the help of Unroll.me which will scan your email account and put everything you are subscribed to in a list. You can the go through the list and unsubscribe to anything that doesn’t serve you.

Chill Out

Us business owners often forget to take time out to rest and recharge, but we must if we want to remain successful. Practice yoga, mindfulness, meditation or gratitude on a daily basis if you can; even 5 minutes is better than nothing. YouTube has some great yoga videos and apps such as Calm can offer you some guided meditation.

Other ways to boost your output could be outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant. If you would like to book a time to see how we can help you and your business, please book here .

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