Online Business Tools

Online Business Tools

Online business tools will help you automate, organise, track and connect with millions of potential customers more effectively. You’ll be able to focus on the right things, avoid procrastination, and get more done with less. Yup, I’m a fan!

Let’s think of your business as your “vehicle to success”. Productivity tools then are like high performance fuel that can transform your family SUV into a Ferrari. Oooohhhh yeah!

Time is your most precious asset and is something you can never get more of. Makes sense then to spend your time wisely and stop faffing around in your business.

In this article I am sharing what online business tools that I use and recommend to my clients so that they can be more productive and streamline their time.

Connect With Your Audience with online business tools 

If you are an online business owner with a growing subscriber list, you know that you need some kind of software to manage the email addresses. Starting out with a spreadsheet is fine but at some point you are going to need a system for this.

It takes more than just an ordinary email automation tool to authentically connect with your clients and free up some of your time. 

You need a platform that is super easy to use, gives you the option to auto-insert the first name (and other smart features), allows you to create good looking messages and send emails as and when you need to.

ActiveCampaign is a highly rated email productivity online business tool that will make worrying about your email campaigns and automations a thing of the past. The best part is you don’t have to spend too much time learning how to use it. 

Simply pick from the available simple options and start creating juicy emails for your subscribers. 

In no time you’ll be growing those relationships with potential clients, making sales or sending tailor-made marketing campaigns. 

Managing Projects Like a Ninja

Keeping up with multiple projects without some kind of software to help you view everything and update progress in a simple way is really difficult. I have tried a few different programs over the years and Trello is my absolute favorite. 

Trello is an amazing task management platform where you can set up boards and assign different tasks. You can easily share files, track the tasks, move them around or tag other team members for collaboration purposes. Plus, it’s pretty to look at!

Trello will help you move between your projects like a ninja and ensure that you’re getting the right things done. 

Scheduling Meetings More Effectively

As your client base grows and projects increase, you’ll need to schedule more meetings with clients, contractors and team members. You don’t have to engage in a back-and-forth of emails and calls to arrange for the meetings or set appointments. That’s mega frustrating for both sides!

Simply make Acuity Scheduling your partner and you’ll have a full-time digital secretary on hand. 

With Acuity Scheduling, you can plan a meeting and insert a link in the invitation email. The recipient will simply choose a suitable time and it automatically creates the event in both your calendars. There are also options to fully brand the platform, set up automatic reminders, connect to your Zoom account, set up payment subscriptions and be paid at the time of booking! Magic!

Reliable Website Hosting

Lastly, if you are looking to set up a website, you’ll need a reliable web-hosting tool that doesn’t drain your pockets, has incredible uptime and amazing speeds. Oh and did I mention the outstanding customer support?

Siteground will give you this and much more. 

Landing Pages That Convert

Don’t let the idea of creating a beautiful landing page boggle your mind. There are several programs that will help you easily create attractive landing pages. 

You can save yourself hours of design work by using Lead Pages to create excellent landing pages. It connects with a number of email providers including ActiveCampaign and Convertkit.

Graphic Design

You don’t need to be a Graphic Designer to create your own beautiful graphics.

You can use Canva to design just about anything, zero design skills necessary.

That completes the roundup of some of my favourite tools that I use in my business and that I often recommend to clients depending on their needs. These productivity tools will help you organise, automate and get things done so you can focus on growing your business. Sounds good right?

And if setting all of this up sends you into a panic and the idea of having it done for you appeals, I invite you to check out my Virtual Assistance and Web Development Agency – Zimpasha. We offer a range of packages and I am sure we can find one to fit your needs.

Note: some of the links shared in this article are affiliate links (meaning I get a commission for promoting them.) I will never and have never promoted something I do not wholeheartedly believe in or have not tested and used in my own business.

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