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Intuitive Business Coaching

The hustle is dead! I am calling for a new way of business. Are you coming?

I am a Mum who values my time and I know how to structure a business that lets you live your life, spend time with your family, have time for yourself, and earn money doing something that sets your soul on fire. I went from burning out in a big corporate job to working all hours of the day and night in my own business. What fresh hell was this!

I knew there was a better way. I have created a thriving business that supports me in having a lifestyle I only dreamed was possible. And no it wasn’t a coaching business! I built a 6-figure business from scratch and got the runs on the board before expanding into business coaching. Now, I work just three days a week, spend a day with my daughter, and have an entire day dedicated just to me.

This is possible for you too — and I am forging the way to show you how. We can have it all, and there is no limit to your success and happiness. As an Intuitive Business Coach I use a wide variety of proven tools to support you in creating a profitable business from your soul work.

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I am not just any old business coach. I did not go and get my ‘certification’ online and decide to become a coach. It is important to me to be a teacher and not a preacher so I built a 6-figure business from the ground up and got the runs on the board before expanding into showing you how to do the same.

Now having an epic business coach is great but what I see happening a lot in the industry is that people are going to their coaching calls, getting inspired and amped up with an awesome game plan only to get off the call and go into a downward spiral because they have no idea how to implement what they have been told to go and do. Ideas without implementation are useless! Coaching with me is different in that not only am I amazing at giving you the strategy and ideas to propel your business forward, I also know how to teach you all the tech you need to know to make it happen. Now that’s what I call support!

And if doing it yourself makes you want to hurl then I present to you my personal team of tech ninjas inside of my other business Zimpasha – the virtual assistance and web development agency for women in online business. We eat tech for breakfast and thrive on making all your back end business nightmares disappear!

Life Coaching

I invite you to step into a new way of being in the world.

As women we  have been conditioned to stay inside the box, to not rock the boat, told not to express our feelings or we will be seen as weak or too much. Well I say enough!

You are perfect exactly as you are. I see it and now it is time for you to see it too. You are not broken and you do not need fixing. What you do need is someone who can hold the space for you to express your deepest feelings and desires, to bounce ideas off, to be seen for who you really are. You need a space where you can take the mask off, put down the many hats you wear and just be yourself.

I offer you a safe space to heal, to be seen and to be heard.

As a Life Coach I use a wide variety of proven tools to support you in moving through your blocks and stepping into the most empowered version of yourself.

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