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Why I’m Throwing Away My To Do List

On my To Do List on Friday was: Write newsletter.

I sat there and looked at it. I even moved the due date a few times and every time I went back to it, I still wasn’t feeling it. So instead of forcing myself to write a newsletter (because we are told that you should consistently be sending one out on the same day every week) I decided not to do it. It just wasn’t flowing and didn’t feel good to me. And contrary to what my inner critic would have me believe, my business world did not end, my clients did not flee for the hills nor did my income suddenly dry up faster than a puddle in the Australian summer. It actually felt . . .  LIBERATING.

So, moving forward I am throwing out my To Do List and replacing it with an Inspired Action List. This list will include all the usual business running stuff because let’s face it, newsletters still need to be written, social media posts still need to be designed but instead of doing them because I have to, I will do them when it feels good and flowing to me. And if the due date simply can’t be adjusted, then I will delegate these tasks. I am embodying being and doing business with ease and grace and good energy.

If I had written that newsletter on Friday and sent it out to you just because I ‘had to’ then I believe you would have felt that energy and not wanted to read what I had to say. Everything is energy after all, including your business administration.

How can you invite lighter energy into your business? What are you forcing yourself to do that just does not resonate with you? The solution is simple. Don’t do it if it doesn’t feel good. Move the task to a time when you are more energetically aligned. Delegate the tasks you energetically don’t have room for.

You can call your to do list whatever you want.

Inspired Action List

Action List

Aligned List

Feels Good List

Want List

Business can be fun! Let’s bring back the fun and the flow.

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